Sometimes, It's in the Big Picture.

What do we try to do whenever something huge becomes overwhelming? 

Well, we usually focus on 'littler' milestones.  We take a more manageable approach.  We search for division; and we conquer in a series, such that many attainable tasks should offer energy toward our quest for the end game.

I think it was Mark Manson who wrote about action being both the cause and effect of motivation?  Yes.  Yes, it was.  And - Yes!  It sure is!  I believe this truth is one of the reasons that chipping away at things is such a valid approach to our lives.  It's the 'do-something' principle.  A few, in fact, have authored books on it.  (BTW, if  you haven’t yet read Mark's most recent: ‘The Subtle Art. . . ‘ – try to conquer that one pretty soon.  It’s entirely life-changing.)

Now – I’m goin’ about the process, checking-off self-assignments, feelin' GREAT about what lies ahead. . .until I met my first setback:  

Like, an entire day’s worth of regret, rumination, and ultimately self-doubt. 

I sold $3000 worth of super-awesome bicycle stuff for $450.  

Oh. . .

Man. . .

Did I ?!?!?

I let the buyer smell my 'desperation' and then I just rolled over.  It was such a whirlwind transaction that I even stood there in a stupor for a minute - questioning his sense of embarrassment, and my own faith in humanity; especially considering the discussion we’d just had about my ‘upcoming journey’.   God, I felt small. . .anything but GREAT. 

I laid awake that night searching for solace.  And, I tried to remember if The Minimalists taught me anything about seller’s remorse.  I couldn’t recall any specific excerpts, so I formulated my own theory on the topic.  (Ryan, Josh – please chime-in if you think I could still benefit from some coaching on this one!)  

A 30,000-foot view kinda scratched its way into my conscious before lights out; and then came the early morning - for an Estate Sale ‘Party’, as I now call it.  (Thanks, Ryan!)

Sleepy times.  Coffee.  Moonlit setup.  Freshly 'littered' driveway.  Sun rising.  My entire life for sale.  Calm before the storm.  And - a recurring, shameful attention to my actions of the previous day. 

Then I wondered – why was I beating myself up over such a 'small bite'?  Why was I doubting another victory on this amazing path of mine?  

I put away my magnifying glass. .answered those 'whys'. . .and thought about my ultimate goal, realizing how thrilled/thankful I am to be experiencing the piecemeal affairs leading up to it.

Here - my big picture brought me gratitude.  Gratitude brought me levity.  Levity allowed me to return to the present - a new effort, towards the same end; and I was gonna be damned if I couldn’t be positive about it.  More importantly, I had long since promised to embody excitement about my life; and I needed everyone in this day to feel that.  I  needed them to see it.  To understand it: 

Nine hours later - call it a success!  A triumph which may not have been possible without a clear mind and a free heart. . .

I guess the moral of the story, for all who struggle a bit as they part with their ‘things’ – is to try stepping out of the episode . . .to remember the commitment that pervades. . .to consider not the details, but the inspiration found in sequential steps - and the value in the final, assembled result.

In keeping progress - we emphasize events.

Though, when it comes to keeping our focus - sometimes, actually, it IS IN the big picture.