Hugs & Hi-Fives.

As you well know - it’s been a while since my last blog.  And - thankfully, your demand for my words hasn’t yet reached a fever pitch (here’s to hoping, though!)  Needless to say – it’s both embarrassment and gratitude that has me staring at a mostly blank page right now.   Look – it takes a lot of time and energy to quit your life properly. . . and, besides – I’ll be doing this almost professionally here in a bit.  No need to wear out my welcome for the 5 of you who read this at present, right?   (:

Excuses aside – I’ll move swiftly on to the gratitude bit. . .

So – it’s just about the 11th hour.  I set sail in a few days, and things are continuing to line-up.  Synchronicity is nuts, ain’t it?

Though I’m reveling in the excitement of a new life, and a footloose/fancy-free first leg – I long for the days when my calendar will dictate what’s next.  And with the steam I feel I’m already gaining – I can’t imagine that time is terribly far off. But before I’m immersed in THE (Yet-to-Discover) COLLECTIVE GREAT, I’d like to offer-up my love and appreciation for THE COLLECTIVE GREAT that I already live in – right here and now.

I think I sorta did this in the last post???  Well, it absolutely bears repeating a few months later, and before I depart. . .

This piece isn’t about the local orgs I’ve come to find in recent weeks; they shall each soon have their own moments of recognition.  Rather – I’m acknowledging the friends and family who’ve accepted me, helped me, and supported me as we’ve brought this crazy idea to fruition. 

Some are newer. . .

Martinez Crew: Flea-Market Slingin'.

Martinez Crew: Flea-Market Slingin'.

And some have been around longer. . .  

Cantwell/Morelli Clans: Going Away Jam!

Cantwell/Morelli Clans: Going Away Jam!

. . .Many more aren't even present in the physical sense. . .

As I’ve experienced often-times in my life, the most difficult part of action – is action.  And as I’ve been reminded each of those times, the most difficult part of staying the course – is then quieting the all-paralyzing ego. 

Simply put – you’ve given me loud voices to remained focused; and I wouldn’t be poised in the catapult if not for you, the people in my life:

Everyone who has listened to me (particularly whilst watching my arms flail). . . all who have fed me (especially when I ate more than my share). . .the few who have sheltered me (I do OK at ‘earning-my-keep’ – yeah?). . .the many who’ve provided me strength in the way of hugs and hi-fives.

Finally, to all who’ve remarked ‘I wish I had the guts to do that.’ – you are doing it.  This journey is us.  And all you must do is stay on it - however you’re willing.  We’re gonna see a lot, and learn a lot, and live a lot.  As I’ve written before – I hope that through all of that – I’m able to give a little back of what you all have given me. 

Thank you.  Again. 

I love you all. 

And I’ll be seeing you (that’s ‘yinz’ for the PGH crew!) real soon. . .