Fuel for the Fire.

It’s crunch time now. . .

. . .multiple estate liquidations complete, almost daily donations to the thrift store (as I continually revisit my already minimized inventory of ‘that which is necessary’), and less than 2 weeks away from closing on the house.

Needless to say – there hasn’t been a whole heck of a lot of time for publishing my written word.  To that point – I haven’t exactly wanted to offer-up content for content’s sake.  (I know, I know. . .flies totally in the face of audience engagement.)  But the truth is – mine is not the story I want anyone to really focus on.  Rather, it is a segue.  A first opportunity to CONNECT.  A hook to draw you into the tales I’m about to start telling. . .

But for the past week or so – I’ve had a thought I wanted to share and some gratitude to offer-up.

You see, as committed as I am to this thing. . .as steadfast as I can be in my heart’s pursuit -  I still battle my ego.  I judge myself.  I second guess.

I fear.


Yet, it seems in these not-always-fleeting moments of doubt – I am consistently brought back to center by an external and beautiful force – YOU.  A vote of confidence from a close friend, words of encouragement from a more distant one, and last weekend – an outpouring of support and excitement from strangers buying my things.  Strangers they were – only in the moments preceding our CONNECTION.

So – this note is to say, ‘Thank you.’  To everyone I’ve met, and everyone I’m gonna meet.  The journey ahead is not one that was ever meant to be solitary; I continue to be blown away by events that prove to me – it certainly won’t be.  We are a collective.  Greatness is a choice for all of us. . .an effort for everyone.

And – I’m honored to find in each of you – so much fuel for this fire.

I only hope I can give of the same stuff in return. . .