From Funnel Cakes to Fixin' Brakes. . .

Just as I’d suspected.

When I began to speak publicly about all of this – I was immediately presented with opportunities to work alongside GREAT people.  I hadn’t even fired-up the home-on-wheels, and I was discovering them in the very backyard I was about to leave. . .

On the sweatiest day of the year to date, my dear friend Jannel had somehow wrangled me into standing above a boiling, oily pot.  Deep fried spiderlings of dough were flying through the air; and churchgoers were eagerly starting the morning with delectable treats that would surely bring an afternoon to a halt.  We really should have been doling out pillows as well. . .


Enter Brownie and June.  Two of the best poster children anyone could hope for.   

I know I’ll write more about these two, but for the sake of this entry – they were my introduction to COMMUNICYCLE.    

How could I not gravitate towards this?  Moreover, how could I just-now be hearing about it for the first time?!?! 

Easy – it’s a small organization.  And again – I’m reminded of the ‘why’ that inspires THE COLLECTIVE GREAT. 

I jumped to tag along.  One night turned into three – turned into an ongoing conversation I’ll be having with anyone on 2 wheels.  The way I see it - this bike-based, community-minded mission must be cultivated everywhere.  The people who've brought it to life in PA are among the most welcoming I've met. . .and with such infectious passion driving them, I can hardly wait to be a part of what happens next . . .

Things get pretty busy in a hurry. . . 

Things get pretty busy in a hurry. . . 

Let me break it down for ya – those who’ve yet to click on the link:

A couple guys were in a struggling little city – God in their hearts and tools in their hands.  No sooner than they’d finished building a handicap ramp – when up rides a boy – on a struggling little bike.  Once the family wrench - his grandfather had historically maintained it.  But now in his absence – there was no one to help.  So – faith + tools + love + vision. . .and, well – you can imagine where this leads.

Lee and his tireless crew have organized for nearly 6 years now – every Thursday evening – and in a multitude of neighborhoods. . .to fix bikes, channel the glory of God, and - what’s that word I like so much???

Oh yeah - connect.     

So - if you can spare some time and some skills, you’ve got a bike you no longer use, or you’re simply struck by this - Beaver County. . .Pittsburgh. . .anywhere for that matter - email me

I know some folks who’d love to know YOU.

Break time!  . . .And some words to live by.

Break time!  . . .And some words to live by.

June - The Parts Lady!

June - The Parts Lady!