The 'C' Word.

As the journey begins (by July 1st at the latest!) – I will be using this blog to relay some of the inspiration I find along the way.  It will serve as a chronicle of the people I meet and the experiences I share with them. . .experiences which will show us ALL just how much meaning and connection there is out there for us to find, should we choose to seek it. . .and just how wide-open our world is, if we simply request that it be that way. 

And the venue here will also sometimes include entries of my own thoughts; which I promise to be sorta concise, whilst undoubtedly abundant in value (coughs).  Tall order, I know. . .I’m a talker; and this is, after all, a conversation.

So – because we’re at the front end of this thing and still preparing for our departure. . . (BTW - you’ll see me use ‘our’ a lot.   Anytime I do this – you’ll know I’m including my trusty sidekick and best friend in the whole-wide world: Napoleon the Terrier Mutt.  He’s pretty stoked about this. . .can you tell?)

. . .right, so as we sell our stuff and pack what’s left – YOU will be reading a lot more of the ‘my thoughts’ content I describe above.  Today’s message is simple:  it’s all about COMMITMENT

As a guy who was very lost not all that long ago – I can attest to the magic that begins to unfold for anyone who decides to put his heart in the right place.  New people begin to enter your life in strange, but completely uncoincidental ways.  Events happen for you, not to you.  Frustrations begin to subside, priorities become well-defined, paralysis disappears.  And though the stomach-ache remains – you’ll discover that it is born out of the most welcomed fear you’ve ever confronted. 

You conquer self-doubt and develop a confident clarity that shines through to anyone you meet.

Synchronicity and alignment abound!  Life becomes steeped in color! 

I never thought I’d be DOIN’ something like this.  All the GREAT I’ve found recently – in books and online – sure, I was touched; but, I simply dismissed it as the isolated stories of a fortunate few.  Then, on a desperate run one day. . .in the woods and overcome by joyful tears – something clicked.  I found and committed to The Collective Great.  The challenge I was asking for – it stopped me in my tracks.  And I accepted it. 

Funny thing is - I know that no matter what we may find on the path forward – THAT was the toughest moment for me to face. . .

. . .and ever since – the world has opened-up. . . for me.

Are you ready - I mean really ready -  to have it open-up for you?

Though it ain’t easy – it is simple, and it starts with just one word.