{Hijinks & Happenstance}

Peace, Love, Polka.

So - Napoleon sat this one out.  It was hot out today, and he's terrified of accordions. But - I'm pretty sure he'd be all about the Haluski and Klobase.  

Slovenefest 2016 in SNPJ, PA!  Absolutely and surprisingly nuts.  

Anyone close to me knows that I'm a day-drinker instead of a night-owl, so I ran out there by myself.  And thank God I did! That traditional troupe you see in the 3rd pic - after their performance - they came out to the audience and asked onlookers to dance.  Lonely 'ole me was scooped up by a 16-year-old sweetheart from Canada named Kristen.  Don't worry - we made the chaperones proud; I'm not yet a dirty old man.  

But, Ladies - just in case you wanna know what kinda old-man I'm really strivin' for - dig the last pic in the group. These two win cutest of the day - and if I had been a bit more sober - I'd have chatted them up.  Ah well - they didn't need me crampin' their style anyway. 

I think I need to find a Polka band on the hunt for a mediocre drummer. . .and teach the Napster how to chime in on some 'ee-ii-ee-ii-ohhs'. . .