{Hijinks & Happenstance}

Hey Lady! Got Any Irish In You???

34th Annual Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival.  

Meh. . .

I know this is 2 kinda-negative posts in a row, but let's take a minute to consider the common denominator - OHIO.  Yeah - there's also me, but I'm introspective enough before I make declarations like that.  :/

In any event, here are some tidbits:

Up top - you see a Cleveland band called the Spazmatics.  80's covers with a 'Revenge of the Nerds' twist. This one is of them delivering some 'Just Like Heaven' by The Cure.  Nailed it.

Below - is some rest-area deliciousness I haven't even thought about for ages.  I'm sorry, kids - I wasn't about to hold this upside down in my lap.

Stomach ache aside - they were BOTH the highlights of the day.