{Hijinks & Happenstance}

Yuck. . . Ohio.

So - I haven't ridden the fixed-gear since I moved back East here to Beaver County, PA.  Too many hills, few good roads without traffic, and just - an underwhelming cycling community.  

Not feelin' good about a run today - I decided to venture out to Lisbon, OH to pedal the Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail.  It was described online as 12.5 miles of awesomeness with bike shops and restaurants along the way.  This had me thinkin' - social opportunities and beer! 


When I started this BradandNappy.com nonsense - I promised myself I wouldn't use it as a venue to complain or be negative in any way because, well - chicks just don't dig that.  But with my 'authenticity' credo at the forefront - I gotta tell it like it is:  I was underwhelmed.  OK - that wasn't honest; lemme try again:  it kinda sucked.  

I just rode 25 miles in some sort of dark tree-tunnel that ran through Joe Dirt's backyard - like, the whole way.  Not many people out and about on a beautiful day.  But those I saw - were recumbent folks.  Ewwww. . . you know - those bikes that people ride laying down?  I think they have cup-holders and wi-fi. . . 

No restaurants.  No REAL bike shops.  No one to meet, really.  Just a few mullets under pine-trees in some dirty backyards.  

I meant to take a pic somewhere along the way - but I had to get outta there quickly.  So, instead - I present you with this: my weird & fruity vodka/tonic - with Napoleon's fuzzy equivalent to the left (his right).  We had a good afternoon - post bike ride - grilling by ourselves and jammin' to the sweet sounds of 'Waylon and Willie and The Boys'.  Ahhh - to be in Luckenbach, TX - feelin' no pain.  

That reminds me - has anyone ever written a song about Ohio?  I think Huey Lewis mentioned Cleveland once, but that's about it. . .