{Hijinks & Happenstance}

Everyone is a Winner!

Started off the day today with a 5K.  Hilly, but fun. . .until I got to the turnaround point and realized that the thing I just glided down sans effort - I had to go back up.  Got passed by a bunch of 10-year-olds (I think they only have 2 modes - 'stop' and 'go'. . . ?).  And - almost had a stroke.  

In any event - I took 2nd place in my age category, which was awesome, until I realized there were only 3 of us.   So - I pretty much received a participation award.  

. . .What the hell - I'm proud of it, anyway.  And here she is!

BTW - I call that hairdo - 'The Viking'.  It ain't no man-bun.