{Hijinks & Happenstance}

Retraction. . .

. . .OK - I was wrong.  THIS GUY was the highlight of my day.  Notice the emphatic tail-section after a long, hot wait by the window:

Hey Lady! Got Any Irish In You???

34th Annual Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival.  

Meh. . .

I know this is 2 kinda-negative posts in a row, but let's take a minute to consider the common denominator - OHIO.  Yeah - there's also me, but I'm introspective enough before I make declarations like that.  :/

In any event, here are some tidbits:

Up top - you see a Cleveland band called the Spazmatics.  80's covers with a 'Revenge of the Nerds' twist. This one is of them delivering some 'Just Like Heaven' by The Cure.  Nailed it.

Below - is some rest-area deliciousness I haven't even thought about for ages.  I'm sorry, kids - I wasn't about to hold this upside down in my lap.

Stomach ache aside - they were BOTH the highlights of the day. 

Yuck. . . Ohio.

So - I haven't ridden the fixed-gear since I moved back East here to Beaver County, PA.  Too many hills, few good roads without traffic, and just - an underwhelming cycling community.  

Not feelin' good about a run today - I decided to venture out to Lisbon, OH to pedal the Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail.  It was described online as 12.5 miles of awesomeness with bike shops and restaurants along the way.  This had me thinkin' - social opportunities and beer! 


When I started this BradandNappy.com nonsense - I promised myself I wouldn't use it as a venue to complain or be negative in any way because, well - chicks just don't dig that.  But with my 'authenticity' credo at the forefront - I gotta tell it like it is:  I was underwhelmed.  OK - that wasn't honest; lemme try again:  it kinda sucked.  

I just rode 25 miles in some sort of dark tree-tunnel that ran through Joe Dirt's backyard - like, the whole way.  Not many people out and about on a beautiful day.  But those I saw - were recumbent folks.  Ewwww. . . you know - those bikes that people ride laying down?  I think they have cup-holders and wi-fi. . . 

No restaurants.  No REAL bike shops.  No one to meet, really.  Just a few mullets under pine-trees in some dirty backyards.  

I meant to take a pic somewhere along the way - but I had to get outta there quickly.  So, instead - I present you with this: my weird & fruity vodka/tonic - with Napoleon's fuzzy equivalent to the left (his right).  We had a good afternoon - post bike ride - grilling by ourselves and jammin' to the sweet sounds of 'Waylon and Willie and The Boys'.  Ahhh - to be in Luckenbach, TX - feelin' no pain.  

That reminds me - has anyone ever written a song about Ohio?  I think Huey Lewis mentioned Cleveland once, but that's about it. . .      

Everyone is a Winner!

Started off the day today with a 5K.  Hilly, but fun. . .until I got to the turnaround point and realized that the thing I just glided down sans effort - I had to go back up.  Got passed by a bunch of 10-year-olds (I think they only have 2 modes - 'stop' and 'go'. . . ?).  And - almost had a stroke.  

In any event - I took 2nd place in my age category, which was awesome, until I realized there were only 3 of us.   So - I pretty much received a participation award.  

. . .What the hell - I'm proud of it, anyway.  And here she is!

BTW - I call that hairdo - 'The Viking'.  It ain't no man-bun.

The Real America's Beer.

In case anyone is wondering about the best 'fuel' for Sunday morning grass-mowin' - this is it.  Just don't ask me how many ounces to use. . .

Oh - but don't consume this whilst playing cornhole.  There are better options for that 'A-game'.  More on that later. . . 

Peace, Love, Polka.

So - Napoleon sat this one out.  It was hot out today, and he's terrified of accordions. But - I'm pretty sure he'd be all about the Haluski and Klobase.  

Slovenefest 2016 in SNPJ, PA!  Absolutely and surprisingly nuts.  

Anyone close to me knows that I'm a day-drinker instead of a night-owl, so I ran out there by myself.  And thank God I did! That traditional troupe you see in the 3rd pic - after their performance - they came out to the audience and asked onlookers to dance.  Lonely 'ole me was scooped up by a 16-year-old sweetheart from Canada named Kristen.  Don't worry - we made the chaperones proud; I'm not yet a dirty old man.  

But, Ladies - just in case you wanna know what kinda old-man I'm really strivin' for - dig the last pic in the group. These two win cutest of the day - and if I had been a bit more sober - I'd have chatted them up.  Ah well - they didn't need me crampin' their style anyway. 

I think I need to find a Polka band on the hunt for a mediocre drummer. . .and teach the Napster how to chime in on some 'ee-ii-ee-ii-ohhs'. . . 

The Captain's Tea.

So - lunch with Cousin Chris turned into some evenin' food and drinks with the fam.  

Good times.  Mike yelled at me.  I yelled at the waiter.

. . .Well - sorta.  Word to the wise:  don't ever try to take my drink if it hasn't yet been 'drank'.  Also - don't treat Mike like a punk.      

Oh!  And - we conned the DJ into playing one of the band's songs!  

(More on that band thing later. . .)

Just Another Morning in the Office (Part 2).

. . .You'd think the sky fell on him when I whispered that we were going to the Vet.  And this, friends - is the resultant view from the hill - of a 'place' we call Disappointment City.     

Booster shot.  Awesome.  

But - life begins on Fridays 'round here, so the day will undoubtedly get better - once we leave Doc's office, that is.   And for anyone out there wondering what SMELTS are - stay tuned - lunch with Cousin Chris!