meaning and connection.


following the heart.

And - 




The Collective 'GOOD'.  A phrase long used to inspire societal concern.  An idea of commitment based on a set of common values and mutual benefits.   To do something for The Collective 'GOOD' allows us to express a sense of duty to an outward and unified interest. I call it feigned connection. . .and pretty low-hanging fruit. All because of one word. . .   

This 'project' started with my desire to stop putting one foot in front of the other. . .to start injecting some purpose into my days. . .and to ultimately find fulfillment.

'GOOD', it seems - had at some point become the requisite response for me.  The truth is:

- I haven't BEEN 'GOOD'.

- I haven't DONE 'GOOD'

. . .in quite some time.

That word was just a way to mask the mediocrity I had chosen for myself. Trust me - if you want low standards to pervade your life - Strive for 'GOOD'. And if you want to keep wondering: "How'd I get here?" - Strive for 'GOOD'.

Me - I'm done with all that.     

This journey, which I will share with you here, is going to demonstrate first-hand - what happens when normal people DO 'GREAT'. I've sold all my stuff, I've bought a house on wheels, and I've gone in search of a life worth living.  For the next year (maybe more, maybe less), I will traverse the country, serving people and organizations who are already on the path to GREATNESS.  I will help them, tell of their stories, relay their inspiration, and connect them to YOU.  This will transform ME, I know.  And it will YOU - if you choose.

YOU don't have to quit your life.  

But YOU do have to get involved. . .somehow. YOU have to set high standards. YOU have to act on a purpose outside yourself. And maybe, just maybe - you'll experience a unique and lasting happiness. This is my hope for you, as it is for myself.    

It will be then - when we've transcended our 'GOOD' intentions, and together become -