{What's This All About?}


For those who may believe (at first glance) - that ours is a trip through the dark, dank tunnels of narcissism - we are sorry to disappoint.  You won't find us looking for praise here, nor will you see us on the defense.  This is simply an experiment in authenticity with one simple hope -  that we might just attract and even meet - the woman of our dreams.

What we aim to do is chronicle - our colorful, sometimes checkered, sometimes charmed, and usually boring existence - in a forum that is honest and heartfelt.  So that we may just find a gal who speaks our language.  

Online dating is plain ridiculous.  'All (our) rowdy friends have settled down.'  And, we're just tired of chasing women who aren't right (in every sense of that word that comes to mind).  

So think of this as our own little 'Bachelor' show.  But without all the lavish getaways and beefcake body shots (but maybe the occasional muscle tee?).  

This is the unabashed story of 2 best friends.  This is life.  It's beautiful. And it's yours for the viewing. . .even the sharing.  

Now - who wants to be on our team?  Or - simply tell us how handsome we are?  (We're dudes, so please don't use the word 'cute'.)  OK - maybe we could go for that praise thing after all. . .